Support Act

Hi Friends,

Many musicians, artists and those part of the Music/Arts Industry have been heavily affected by the COVID 19 pandemic. Countless jobs has been lost and the subsequent loss of a steady income for many in this industry is an extremely difficult and stressful situation to suddenly be facing.

I am throwing my support towards my mates and colleagues in the Music industry by getting behind Support Act and it’s fundraising drive. Money raised from this charity will go towards supporting those in our industry who need assistance during these times.

I have added the original vinyl test pressings of ‘Sometimes I Just Don’t Know’ (2 copies) & ‘Heart vs Mind’ (1 copy) to sell on my Bandcamp store. 100% of proceeds from these sales will go to Support Act and it’s fundraising drive.

Sometimes I Just Don’t Know – Test Press
Heart Vs Mind – Test Press

I also did a FB Live concert from my house last week to try and raise awareness for this cause. Link below if you would like to watch. That was a whole lot of fun.

Thanks in advance for getting behind this friends. Take care of yourselves and each other.