Admit Now, Pay Later – Out Now

Admit Now, Pay Later is out now and available to stream and buy on all digital platforms!My thanks goes out to the great Josh Pyke (Producer), Russell Crawford and Josh Schuberth for helping me bring this song to life. Thank you as well to Peta Caswell & Talk.Ink for the beautiful single artwork.The single release [...]

Weight in Gold – Out Now!

Here it is friends, my new single 'Weight in Gold' (Lilystars Records/ Rock Indiana). I know that these are trying times we are in right now and it does feel a little odd to be releasing new music in this climate. But I've always seen music as the common denominator that binds us all together. A [...]

Support Act

Hi Friends,Many musicians, artists and those part of the Music/Arts Industry have been heavily affected by the COVID 19 pandemic. Countless jobs has been lost and the subsequent loss of a steady income for many in this industry is an extremely difficult and stressful situation to suddenly be facing.I am throwing my support towards my [...]

‘Drawn Like Magnets’ – Music Video Premiere

- PREMIERE - Watch the music video for my latest single 'Drawn Like Magnets' (taken from my current album 'Sometimes I Just Don't Know' - Lilystars Records / Rock Indiana ). Filmed & Directed by John Kung. Featuring the beautiful surrounds of Tokyo, Japan.Watch - YouTube Thank you for watching. Please share if it moves you. #drawnlikemagnets #musicvideo #tokyo #sometimesijustdontknow

Arigato Japan!

Thank you to my new Japanese mates who made our short but very sweet tour there with Dragonfly Collector, so memorable. I loved every minute of it. I'll be back.Very special mention to our superb Tour Promoter Osam Watanabe from Powerpop Academy. Heres a link to some Visuals from the tour: TOUR PICSPic by John [...]