Admit Now, Pay Later is out now and available to stream and buy on all digital platforms!

My thanks goes out to the great Josh Pyke (Producer), Russell Crawford and Josh Schuberth for helping me bring this song to life. Thank you as well to Peta Caswell & Talk.Ink for the beautiful single artwork.

The single release also includes the song Patches, recorded with the amazing Sydney producer Wade Jackson.

Please stream and share to your hearts content!

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Here it is friends, my new single ‘Weight in Gold’ (Lilystars RecordsRock Indiana). I know that these are trying times we are in right now and it does feel a little odd to be releasing new music in this climate. But I’ve always seen music as the common denominator that binds us all together. A bottomless source of joy and escape.

My thanks again goes out to the great Josh Schuberth for bringing this song to life. I really hope you enjoy it.

Tremendously proud of this song and I really hope you enjoy listening to it. I will also be donating all 2020 Bandcamp sales of this single to OXFAM Australia, a charity organisation I am proud to support. As always, I’d be grateful for your help by sharing and adding this song to your playlists. 

Look after yourselves and each other. 

Take Care,

Listen to Weight in Gold –

Hi Friends,

Many musicians, artists and those part of the Music/Arts Industry have been heavily affected by the COVID 19 pandemic. Countless jobs has been lost and the subsequent loss of a steady income for many in this industry is an extremely difficult and stressful situation to suddenly be facing.

I am throwing my support towards my mates and colleagues in the Music industry by getting behind Support Act and it’s fundraising drive. Money raised from this charity will go towards supporting those in our industry who need assistance during these times.

I have added the original vinyl test pressings of ‘Sometimes I Just Don’t Know’ (2 copies) & ‘Heart vs Mind’ (1 copy) to sell on my Bandcamp store. 100% of proceeds from these sales will go to Support Act and it’s fundraising drive.

Sometimes I Just Don’t Know – Test Press
Heart Vs Mind – Test Press

I also did a FB Live concert from my house last week to try and raise awareness for this cause. Link below if you would like to watch. That was a whole lot of fun.

Thanks in advance for getting behind this friends. Take care of yourselves and each other.

My brand new album ‘Sometimes I Just Don’t Know’ is now officially released and I couldn’t be happier! It is available on Vinyl, CD, Digital and on all the major streaming networks.

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Rock Indiana (CD – Europe)

I would love to hear what you think of the record and would equally love for you to help spread the word about the album by sharing it to all the socials and posting up pics of your Vinyl or CD copies.

A quick thank you to this lot who were a massive part of the making of this record: Russell Crawford, Brian Crouch, Dave Hatt, Dave Keys, Josh Schuberth, Peta Caswell, Chris Familton, Clem Castro/Lilystars Records, Pablo Carrero/Rock Indiana & Michael Carpenter. None of this would be possible without these exceptional friends of mine.

Finally a thank you to YOU for buying, listening and sharing this new record. I’ve been humbled by the great reception I have received so far from you folks. I’m awfully proud of it and hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did recording it.

See you at a show!

Reviews for ‘Sometimes I Just Don’t Know’ & ‘I’m not ready for this’:

“… the result is the best work he’s ever done: concentrated in its writing, playing, sound and intent, and not just satisfying, but lasting.” – Bernard Zuel

“He has a knack for making incredible power pop – classic pop songs” – Jeff Jenkins

“A beautifully sentimental and polished outing with its engrossing melodic wanderings and subtle power-pop soarings à la Elvis Costello and The Jayhawks” – Tiana Speter (The Soundcheck)

Dear Friends,

‘Sometimes I Just Don’t Know’ is now officially confirmed for worldwide release via Lilystars Records/Rock Indiana Records on Friday, 23rd August 2019.

As excited as I am to unleash this record to the world, I realised that I’m going to need your help to bring this album to life and get it to the finish line. So I am asking you to help me do this by simply preordering this new record, in your format of choice – Vinyl, CD or Digital. By preordering the album through my Bandcamp page, you will help me cover some of the costs of pressing, mastering, publicity and touring this new record. It’s an expensive task to release an album as an indie musician but we all believe in what we do and want this new record heard by as many people as possible. This is your chance to be part of the history of SIJDK.

So thank you in advance friends. Especially those who have supported my previous record pledge campaigns. If you can’t do it, then that’s ok too. Totally understand but would love for you to share to others who you think might be keen. It’s support like yours that keeps this occasionally oiled machine going! 


PREORDER ‘Sometimes I Just Don’t Know’ – HERE

Excited to unveil my brand new single ‘I’m not ready for this’! This is another taste from my upcoming album ‘Sometimes I just don’t know’ (2019 – More details to come).

‘I’m not ready for this’ features my handsome band mates Russell Crawford (Drums/Vox), Brian Crouch (Keys), Dave Hatt (Guitar), Dave Keys (Bass) and once again co-produced by Josh Schuberth at his wonderful recording space – Endomusia Studios.

Help us share the word on this tune my friends. We’ll be most grateful!

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