Presave/Preorder – ‘Back to the Middle’

I remember being a teen in the 90’s and excitedly going into my local music store like Galleons Music Fairfield & Red Eye Records to preorder new CD albums from my faves like You Am I, Regurgitator, Diesel, Pearl Jam, Soungarden & Oasis. Always hoping I’d nab a bonus disc, tote bag or a t-shirt. Good times.

Well, times have changed a bit since then. Now we can PRESAVE upcoming music from your streaming platform of choice. If I’m to be honest, it’s not as exciting as waiting on an actual physical product but it’s the new world order and I’m right in the thick of it! I have a new EP called ‘Back to the Middle’ (Produced by Josh Pyke) coming out on Sep 24 and I can’t wait to get it out to your ears. I’d love for you to help me out by Presaving it and make these bunch of songs travel far and wide! Couple of clicks on the link below or the image friends. Thank you all!