Orange & Lemons – ‘Hello OZ Tour’

Story: In 2005, I visited the Philippine for the very 1st time since migrating to Australia in the late 80’s. I occasionally took a peek at the music scene there, out of a mixture of curiosity and Homeland pride. Besides a few choice bands (e.g. Eraserheads, Sandwich, Bamboo), I was largely underwhelmed. Then one day in my father’s home town of Baguio City, I discovered this shaggy haired band called Orange & Lemon on a music TV channel. Was blown away at their classic pop melodicism and how ‘Anglo’ they sounded, with references to bands like The Beatles, XTC & The Smiths. I was hooked and felt great at discovering a fellow Filipino band that shared the same pop sensibilities as me. Their now legendary status and continued popularity back home does not surprise me one bit. 

Fast forward to 2018 and I’m now label mates with this amazing band and even happier to say are now good friends. In October this year I get the privilege of bringing this amazing group to Australia and get the chance to support them on their 1st Aussie tour. Will be great to have your support for these shows and have you experience quality indie music out of the Asian shores.