This news update is well overdue but I would like to introduce you to my new band Delta Green!

Delta Green is a Dynamic Blues Rock inspired by iconic British Blues of the 60s and 70s and is made up of Tom Sowonja – Vox/Guitars, Bryan Estepa – Vox/Guitars, Chris Duffy – Bass and Pete Timmerman – Drums. We have played two amazing shows already and can’t wait to be gigging more in 2024. It’s always been a dream of mine to be in a Blues Rock band as it is such an important part of my musical being so it is so amazing to finally make this happen. Even better to do it with my childhood friend Tom, who is my oldest musical partner and one I can geek out with on all things guitars, which for those who know me well is an obsession!

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To help celebrate the 10th Birthday of ‘Heart vs Mind’, my superb band (Russell Crawford, Dave Keys, Dave Hatt, Brian Crouch) & I, will be playing a special show and performing the album in it’s entirety! A very rare thing! This event is happening on Friday, May 5 at the much loved Golden Barley Hotel Enmore.

Making this party even more special will be the fact that the superb Alannah Russack’s Music (of legendary Oz band The Hummingbirds!) and my great mates from Tall Squeeze joining us on this huge FREE event.

This is gonna be one hell of a night and one we’re so excited to play at. Would dearly love to see you there, friends.#heartvsmind#thebarley

Happy 10th birthday to ‘Heart Vs Mind’!

A very special record that was made at a time when my musical and personal lives were intertwining in all the right places. A collection of songs filled with hope, love and optimism.

Massive credit especially to producer Adrian Deutsch for masterfully steering it in the right direction and the small crew of my talented friends who sprinkled their magic on it. The beautiful artwork by my cousin Lee Queza.

Would love for you to listen to this album for the first time and/or rediscover it again. Share your thoughts & memories on it too.

Link to listen:



Beyond thrilled to announce that the legendary Australian artist Diesel has invited me to open for him at his Lizotte’s Newcastle shows on Dec 2 & 3. I’m still in a state of disbelief that I get this chance to share a stage with one of my biggest musical influences. So I’ll play it cool from now but far out!.

Tickets are on sale now via the Lizottes website.
Fri, Dec 2 –
Sat, Dec 3 –

Join us for our final headline show for 2022!

Excited to have the wonderful R&B/Soul artist Melita join us on this bill. I adore her songs and singing. Another special part of the night will be an ultra rare gig from my old band Adeline, to belatedly launch the new record ‘Adeline (The Early Years)’.

FREE show. See you at The Barley!


Surprise folks! Today I release my seventh album РAdeline (The Early Years). 

Those who have been following my solo ‘career’ for the past two decades may remember that I started playing under the moniker of ‘Adeline’ (name inspired by Elliott Smith) from 2001-2004, when I decided to branch out on my own. It did take me a few years to be comfortable and brave enough to perform under my own name. However, those formative years as Adeline was such a fun time and became an important part of my development as a songwriter, musician and band leader. So many lessons learnt and unforgettable memories made, many with the main people in the Adeline circle of Tom Sowonja, Paul Traynor, Chris Duffy, Dan Nash & Matt Everingham. This collection of songs (recorded as live as possible to tape in 2003) are ones that I’m still incredibly proud of and is a true snapshot of my life at the time. A guy in his early 20’s, finding his way through the ebbs and flows of love, adulthood and attempts at making music his livelihood (didn’t quite hit that goal!). Pretty certain we have all been there though.

An extra special offshoot of this release was being able to reunite with the members of Adeline over the past year and making music together again. We even recorded an unreleased track from 2004 titled ‘Saved’, with our good friend Tim Byron on Keys (Adeline’s missing link!) and Xavier Traynor (Saxophone), the 17 year old son of our drummer Paul. Talk about a full circle moment!

Thanks for giving your precious time to my songs again. I hope you get a little something out of them, in one form or another. To quote my hero Jeff Tweedy of Wilco – ‘Music is my savior. I was maimed by rock and roll’.

Much Love & Gratitude,
September 2022


Excited to be playing a show again with my old compadre, the great Buddy Glass on Saturday, August 13 at Pratten Park Bowling Club Ashfield. Presented by the Cultural Arts Collective and Kid friendly show too. I’ll be joined by my good buddy Dennis Mangabat for this gig. Tix on sale now.

Continuing my series of opening for my favourite Aussie bands over the past few years. This time around with two of this country’s finest in QLD’s brilliant Halfway (launching their new album ‘On the ghostline’) and the indie all-star cast that is The Aerial Maps, led by the poetic genius of Adam Gibson. Saturday, 17th September – Tix on sale now.

Still on a high from the incredible Vic on the Park show. A good old, loud, late night pub rock gig (I’ve bloody missed this!). My band was on fire. Massive shout out to Casey Atkins for absoloutely destroying it on his first ever gig with us, Peta Caswell , Pan-Pacific Grand Prix & you good souls who joined us.

Here’s ‘She vs Him’, our big set closer from the Vic show. A true privilege to share the stage with these gents.
Dave Keys – Bass
Brian Crouch – Keyboards
Russell Crawford – Drums & Vocals
Casey Atkins – Lead Guitar

Video by Miko Savady

We’re gonna keep this gig roll on while we can. Back with the full band at The Vic on the Park Marrickville for a FREE show on Friday, 6th May with our friends Pan Pacific Grand Prix. The last time I played The Vic was for Ade line’s final show back in 2004! So it’s going to be a fab return to this great pub.